Kat Slack

Not my hands … I just like the picture. Tattoos tell a person’s story without them uttering a single word.

What You Can Do Here

Check out my books

I write nonfiction about a variety of topics, and urban fantasy under my fiction pen name, Kathryn Wise.

I could design your book cover

Do you need a book cover? Well, you may have come to the right place. Scroll down to check out my portfolio and, if you’re interested, send me a message.Just know …I don’t do covers very often anymore, but I sometimes need a creative project to regain my sanity.You might catch me at a good time.

I also sometimes produce book trailers

Are you an indie author? Do you want to amp up your presence in the market? Consider adding a compelling book trailer to your bag of marketing tools.

Click on the movie projector to check out my portfolio.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a film is worth a million.


Book trailers are powerful vehicles for enticing potential readers! I love doing working with authors to produce custom mini-stories.

I don’t do them very often these days, but message me anyway if you’re interested. You may catch me at a good time.