The Vaughn Algorithm


Social Media meets the supernatural in a bid to dominate the world.


The Vaughn Algorithm


Kathryn Wise


Kathryn Wise is a former technologist, a current romantic at heart, and a believer in the reality of life beyond the obvious. While living in New York City, she found herself at home with its people, the quirky and refreshing ways of New Yorkers, and the rich and beautiful history of Manhattan.

The Vaughn Algorithm is about the journey of Rachel Vaughn, a haunted woman and gifted technologist chosen to fight against a sinister force bent on destabilizing the world’s social media infrastructure, and the world. 


The wise and what they do are in God’s hands.
                                                 Ecclesiastes 9:1

The Vaughn Algorithm, combines all five parts of the original serial and is available exclusively on Amazon.

Each of the original five installments are also available exclusively on Amazon.